Why Music Videos Are More Important Than Ever

As any pub quiz specialist will know, the first music video ever to be broadcast on MTV was Buggles's 'Video Killed The Radio Star' back in 1981. From that point on, music video production and indeed the music industry changed forever. The growth of music video as a film type has been staggering, reaching an all time high when Michael Jackson splashed out over $7,000,000 for his track 'Scream'.

Although the most expensive music video ever, it is not the most watched video ever. In-fact, that title is currently held by Wiz Khalifa - 'See You Again' at just under 3,000,000,000 views. But why? Well, it's simple. People are consuming video more than ever thanks to our friends at YouTube and Facebook. The demand is simply mind blowing. Over 80% of all internet traffic is video and that is set to rise even further.

Below are a few reasons as to why I think music videos are more important than ever.


Nowadays, music is consumed and forgotten about daily, due to streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music. Discovering music is now so easy, that the market is in fact saturated. Bad news if you're an unsigned musician? Not really, it just means that you need something to help you stand out. An eye-catching, well produced music video can entice people to listen to your song and even make you more desirable in the eyes of record labels.


A bad video can suck the life out of a song and take away any credibility from it. However, a good video can take a song to the next level and even make it a hit. Take DJ Snake's 'Turn Down For What' for example. That song had been around for ages, before The Daniels created a video and turned it into a smash.


As I mentioned earlier, people like video. Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube alone every single day. Despite the growing popularity of streaming apps, people want to watch videos.  A video doesn't have to have the budget of Michael Jackson's 'Scream' to get noticed. OK:GO's fantastic use of creativity and low budgets created their global success.

Wether you're an unsigned band with a low budget, or an established artist, at some point, you will need to bite the bullet and create a music video. The good news though, it's not as expensive as you think and they're also great fun to make.

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